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Fetch TV User Guide
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Before you get Fetch TV - Getting Started

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  1. What is Fetch TV?
  2. How do I get Fetch TV?
  3. How much does Fetch TV cost?
  4. Should I buy a second hand Fetch TV Box?
  5. Do I have to buy a Fetch TV set top box?
  6. Can I still connect my DVD player, game console and home theatre?
  7. Do I still need my digital STB for free to air channels?
  8. Can I get Fetch TV if I live in an apartment or unit?
  9. Does Fetch TV work on my computer?
  10. Does Fetch TV work on my phone?
  11. Can I save content from my computer to the Fetch TV STB?
  12. Can I save content from my Fetch TV STB to my computer?
  13. Are there ads on Fetch TV?
  14. Can I watch Fetch TV in more than one room?
  15. If I move house, can I take Fetch TV with me?
  16. How can I get Fetch TV if my internet provider does not offer it?
  17. What is ‘Parental Control’ function?

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