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Fetch TV review. Fetch TV gets Presto


Fetch TV is the perfect PVR option for anyone looking for a proper alternative to Foxtel or TiVo in Australia.

Update: With the arrival of streaming service Presto, we've updated the review to reflect this addition.

The options for pay TV in Australia have always been somewhat limited. You can either opt to go with Foxtel and get a PVR like the Foxtel iQ3 or, if you live in a slightly more regional postcode, Austar. Fetch TV is bringing its own unique take on pay TV to the Australian television scene.

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This is one of the most impressive PVRs available on the Australian market today. The team at Fetch has combined an exceptionally well conceived EPG and recording functionality with a lovely user interface and a top-class pay TV service.

Given the expense of a Foxtel subscription and iQ3 box, and the question marks over TiVo's very existence in Australia these days, there's no question that this is one of the best alternatives for Australians looking to get more out of their TV viewing habits.

We're keen to see how Fetch improves this year. With the arrival of Netflix, Stan and now Presto as streaming apps on the platform, it's now competing as much with devices like the Telstra TV as Foxtel. On the whole though, we think the service will continue to succeed as Australian internet connections improve.

Written by Nick Broughall and Stephen Lambrechts for Techradar | 21-Jun-2016
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