Fetch TV Mini and Mighty review

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Hands on review: Fetch TV Mini and Mighty. 

Blending the best of the internet and free-to-air television, Fetch TV's new Mini and Mighty set-top boxes are Australia's killer tag team of home entertainment.

These days Fetch TV is basically the closest we have to a Foxtel rival – letting you watch and record both free-to-air and streaming pay TV, as well as tap into a wide range of online content. If you're not keen on signing up for Foxtel's oft-maligned iQ3 recorder then a Fetch TV Mighty or Mini could earn pride of place in your lounge room.

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So what's the verdict?

The Fetch TV Mighty is the one box to rule them all, putting the best of the internet and free-to-air television at your fingertips while freeing you from the shackles of the broadcast schedule. The Mini is the perfect companion, freeing you from the couch so you can make the most of the Mighty around your home.

We covered a lot of ground here but the Fetch TV has an important job to do so it's important that you ask the hard questions. In terms of core PVR features the defunct TiVo has set the gold standard for a long time but the Fetch TV Mighty is a worthy successor. If your old TiVo is ready to give up the ghost then the Mighty is your go-to device and the one against which you should measure other contenders.

Releasing two boxes is a smart move in an age where we're less reliant on free-to-air television and Fetch TV is up against nimble competitors like the Apple TV and Telstra TV which don't feature TV tuners for watching live broadcasts.

Telstra abandoned the T-Box PVR in favour of Telstra TV, so it's great that Fetch TV still offers you the choice – even if you've mostly shunned free-to-air in favour of the internet, chances are you still occasionally rely on live broadcasts for content like sport.

It's great to see that Fetch TV is doing its best to treat the free-to-air and Pay TV channels equally, as Foxtel tries with the iQ3 recorder. There are still a few frustrations but they're more to do with rights restrictions than technical limitations and hopefully Fetch TV can address them over time.

Fetch TV still has some great features "on the roadmap" – a term which naturally raises a red flag for people who've been burned in the past by PVR makers who failed to deliver on their promises. Thankfully they Mighty and Mini are great devices today and most of those upcoming features will be delivered by Christmas. Fetch TV has a good track record when it comes to delivering on its promises.

If you're looking for an entertainment powerhouse to sit at the heart of your lounge room and easily fling content to the far reaches of your home then you can't go wrong with Fetch TV's Mighty and Mini.

Written by Adam Turner for SMH | 11-Jul-2016
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