What You Get

Download the Fetch TV App

Download the free Fetch TV mobile app for Apple or Android, then follow the simple steps to pair it with your Fetch TV box so you can control and watch from anywhere.

Watch Entertainment Channels

Subscribers to the Entertainment Pack can watch the Entertainment channels* on their mobile or tablet. Expand the number of screens at home over wifi, or use 3/4G to watch when you are out and about.
* All Entertainment Pack channels are viewable except CNBC and ACCTV.

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Watch Entertainment Channels

Watch new release movies on your mobile

You can now stream selected Movies on your mobile device. This means it doesn't matter where you are in your house - you can now sit back and enjoy the latest releases on your smartphone or tablet through the Fetch TV app.

Watch new release movies

Record from anywhere

Use your mobile devices to browse content and set recordings from anywhere, so you never need to miss your favourite show again.

Record from anywhere

Remote control

Your phone & tablet double as handy extra remote control allowing you to change channels and control the volume from anywhere in the house.

Fetch TV remote control

Fetch TV from $10 per month