FAQs and Help

Using Fetch TV

TV and Recordings
  1. Do I have to leave my set top box on to have shows recorded or for the vod content to be received? 

    Your Fetch TV set top box should be left on standby mode when you are not using it. This enables it to receive updates and action any recordings you may have scheduled. If you disconnect the power source your box will be unable to receive new updates or action recordings.

  2. How do I tune my Free To Air channels? 

    The Fetch TV set top box will tune all available channels during initial installation. You can repeat this process at any time using the ‘Channel Scan’ option simply by going to Main Menu > Manage > Settings > Channels

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  3. Can I set my PVR to record remotely? 

    Yes. Using the Fetch TV mobile app, you can set recordings from anywhere. You can also watch selected content on the app.

    The Fetch TV app is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play.