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Before you get Fetch TV

Broadband Internet
  1. Will Fetch TV count towards my broadband limit? 

    If you have subscribed through one of our partner ISPs then there is no download metering on any of the TV content, Video On Demand or Pay Per View movies when delivered over a partner broadband connection. ISPs do meter some of the interactive applications and all the Catch-Up TV services. You will need to confirm the situation with your ISP. 

    If you have purchased Fetch TV from an authorised Fetch TV retailer then all data used by Fetch TV will be metered. The amount of data used will vary depending on how much and what you watch.  A general guide is that you will use around: 

    • 20 GB per month for Starter Pack only watching 1-2 movies a week 
    • 60 GB per month for Entertainment Pack watching 1-2 movies a week and watching 2 hours of streamed TV a day. 
    • 120 GB min for World Channels or Entertainment customer watching 4 hours of streamed TV every day 
    These numbers are in addition to your usual broadband data consumption. They are provided as a guide only, and Fetch TV will not be held responsible for any variance from the use indicated.  It is each customers responsibility to monitor your data use via your ISP. 
  2. How fast does my broadband need to be to get Fetch TV? 

    If you purchase a Fetch TV box from an authorised Fetch TV retailer, and subscribe with Fetch TV you need a minimum broadband speed of 3Mbps to access Fetch TV. 

    All ISP's require at least 3Mbps.

    You can check your line speed here.  

  3. What sort of broadband connection do I need to get Fetch TV? 

    To access Fetch TV Lite (also known as Connect or Starter depending on your ISP) you need an ADSL service. 

    To access Fetch TV and Fetch TV HD services you will require an ADSL2+ service, HFC (cable) broadband or NBN.

  4. Will Fetch TV slow down my broadband? 

    Fetch TV does use your bandwidth, so depending on how much bandwidth you have available and the load at any given time on your ISP network it may slow your broadband. How you use your Fetch TV service will also be a factor – watching FTA TV and using the PVR will not have any impact on your broadband speed, whereas watching linear subscription channels will consume bandwidth. Downloading a SD movie will consume less bandwidth than downloading an HD movie. Speak to your broadband provider for more information.    

  5. Can I watch Fetch TV and use my broadband at the same time? 

    Yes you can use both at the same time. The speed of your broadband connection may be impacted depending on your broadband plan, and what you are watching on Fetch TV but it will always be at least 512 kilobits per second. 

  6. What do I do if I want to change broadband suppliers? 

    Subscription through a partner ISP:
    Fetch TV works on broadband services provided by our partner Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If you want to access Fetch TV via an ISP you need to select a broadband supplier that offers Fetch TV. We recommend that you visit the ISP’s website and do a check to confirm serviceability before changing suppliers. You should also check the terms and conditions of your Fetch TV agreement. It is not possible to move a Fetch TV box from Optus to another ISP.  With other ISPs should check with your new ISP whether it is possible to move your current Fetch TV Box to connect with them.  

    Purchased Fetch TV through Harvey Norman: 
    If you purchased Fetch TV Box from an authorised Fetch TV retailer changing broadband suppliers will not impact on your existing subscription. You just need to check that you have a broadband speed of 3mbps+.

  7. How do I get Fetch TV from my modem to my TV? 

    There are four ways to get the Fetch TV service from your modem to your TV. 

    1. You can use a PLA (Power Line Adapter) device.  A PLA enables content to travel from your broadband modem to a power socket and then along existing power cables in your house to another power socket straight to your Fetch TV box. The set top box is then connected to your TV without any cabled running around through your house.  PLAs are included at no extra cost with all Fetch TV boxes purchased through authorised retailers, and are available to purchase from your ISP if you are subscribing via an ISP. 
    2. You can use a direct Ethernet connection from your modem to your Fetch TV Box if they are close together  
    3. You can use a wireless bridge if your ISP offers them for sale. 
    4. You can use internal data cabling if your house has it installed. 
  8. How does the Powerline Adapter (PLA) work? 

    PLAs can be used to distribute a broadband connection throughout a house using the existing electricity wires. You simply plug one PLA into a power outlet near your modem and connect them using an Ethernet cable. You then plug another PLA into a power outlet near your set top box and connect them using another Ethernet cable. This provides an effective means of getting the content from the broadband modem to the set top box and onto the TV screen.

  9. Does Fetch TV enable me to get internet on my TV? 

    Fetch TV does not provide internet access to your TV. It does provide access to interactive applications including You Tube for TV.

  10. Does Fetch TV work on a wireless network? 

    Fetch TV recommends either a direct Ethernet connection, connection via a PLC device or Wireless Bridge. Check with your ISP for confirmation on the type of connections they support.

  11. Which Internet Service Providers offer Fetch TV? 

    Fetch TV is currently available through Optus, iiNet, Internode, Netspace, Westnet, TransACT Victoria and Adam Internet.

    If your broadband is from another provider you can purchase a Fetch TV box from an authorised Fetch TV retailer, and subscribe with Fetch TV.

    See details at fetchtv.com.au/get-fetchtv

  12. I am a Telstra broadband customer, can I get Fetch TV? 

    Yes, you can purchase a Fetch TV Box from an authorised Fetch TV retailer and subscribe with Fetch TV.  You will need a minimum line speed of 3Mbps. All data used by Fetch TV will be metered.

    See details at fetchtv.com.au/get-fetchtv

  13. How does the Wireless Bridge work? 
    Fetch TV is delivered by broadband so you need to connect your STB to the modem.

    To do this, you can use the Wireless Bridge option if you ordered it with your Fetch TV service. Install the wireless bridge using the instructions included with it. Locate one device near your broadband modem and the other near your TV and STB.

    1. Plug one end of an Internet Ethernet cable into the port on the Wireless Bridge located near your modem.

    2. Plug the other end into any available port on your broadband modem.

    3. Plug one end of an Internet Ethernet cable into the port on the Wireless Bridge located near your STB.

    4. Plug the other end into the port labelled ‘Internet’ on the back of your STB.