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Using Fetch TV
Connecting Fetch TV

  1. My Ethernet cable is not long enough, what do I do? 

    If you do not have data cabling in your walls and don’t want a longer cable running through your home, you can use either a Powerline Adaptor (PLA) device or Wireless Bridge to connect your Fetch TV box to your modem. PLAs can be used to distribute a broadband connection throughout a house using the existing electricity wires. You simply plug one PLA into a power outlet near your modem and connect them using an Ethernet cable. You then plug another PLA into a power outlet near your set top box and connect the using another Ethernet cable. This provides an effective means of getting the content from the broadband modem to the set top box and onto the TV screen.

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  2. Do I need a special modem? 
    Modem requirements vary by Fetch TV service provider. Please check their websites for details.

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