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  1. What is the TV Store? 

    You find the TV store on the TV drop down of the main Fetch TV menu. In the TV Store you can buy individual episodes or entire seasons of some of the most popular TV shows. TV Shows are buy only, it’s not possible to rent TV shows. All TV shows are available in standard definition and high definition. When you buy a TV episode, or season you are buying the right to watch it as often as you like on your current Fetch TV subscription.

  2. What is the Movie Store? 

    You find the TV store on the Movies drop down of the main Fetch TV menu. In the Movie Store you can choose to buy or rent over 4000 movies including the latest releases. Most movies offer the choice of standard definition or high definition.  When you rent a movie you can watch it as often as you like for 48 hours.  When you buy a movie you are buying the right to watch it as often as you like on your current Fetch TV service.  The right is not transferrable to another person or another Fetch TV service

  3. How much does a TV show cost to buy? 

    TV show individual episodes cost $3.49 for HD and $2.99 for SD. This will be the same for all TV shows available on Fetch TV. TV show Season prices will vary depending on how many episodes are in the season, and you save money by buying the whole season up front rather than as individual episodes. The amount of the discount varies by title and studio.

  4. Does a TV Episode purchase count towards a season purchase if I later decide to buy the season? 

    No, at this stage Episode purchases do not count towards a Season purchase.  

  5. How much does a movie cost to buy? 

    Movie pricing varies by studio and title, and will range from $7.99 (SD)/ $10.99 HD to $24.99 SD / $29.99 (HD). The price is based on the title & age of the movie.

  6. How much does a movie cost to rent? 

    Movie rental pricing varies by title and age.  New releases are $5.95 (SD) / $6.95 (HD), Library movies are $3.95 (SD) and $4.95 (HD), and Specials are $2.95 (SD)

  7. Does a movie rental count towards the movie purchase if I later decide to buy the movie? 

    No, at this stage rental payments do not count towards eventual purchase of a movie.

  8. Do purchases in the TV Store and Movie Store take up space on my Fetch TV box? 

    When you buy something in the TV & Movie Stores they are downloaded into a partitioned area of the hard drive in your Fetch TV box.  They do not impact the space available to make recordings, that’s a separate partition. The purchased content remains on your Fetch TV box until it needs more space to download more TV & Movie Store purchases.  The box will then delete files to make room for new ones, but don’t worry – you will be able to download the purchased content again at no additional cost when you want to watch it, for as long as you have your current Fetch TV service.

  9. Are downloads from the TV & Movie Store metered – ie do they count towards my data use? 

    If you have a Fetch TV account and broadband connection with one of our ISP partners then the data used will be unmetered and not count towards your monthly limit.  If your Fetch TV account is a direct account with Fetch TV then this data will be metered each time the content is downloaded.

  10. Where do I find things I’ve bought in the TV and Movie Stores? 

    You find them at Menu>My Stuff.  In either Movies or My TV.

  11. What movies are available to buy? 

    Initially (from June 2015) the Top 100 movies in the Movie Store will be available to buy. This will build out over time, and the intention is that most of the 4000 movies will eventually be available to buy as well as rent.

  12. Can I buy movies before they are available to rent? 

    Some movies will have an exclusive period where you can buy the movie before it is available to rent as video on demand and before the DVD is available to buy in shops or to rent. This is referred to as the “Buy First” or “EST First” period. These movies will be available to buy only during the “Buy First” period which will usually be around 2 weeks, after which they will also be available to rent.

  13. What TV shows will I be able to buy? 

    There will only be a small number of TV shows from launch (June 2015). Then it will build out over the next few months to have over 50 shows available, including all the latest content in Australia like Game of Thrones, Veep, Girls, Boardwalk Empire and more from HBO and many more leading titles from other providers.

  14. How long do I own the purchased shows & movies for? 

    When you buy content through the Fetch TV Movie & TV Store, Fetch TV will grant you a license on the following terms:

    You will have unlimited access to the content you buy as long as you maintain your existing account with Fetch TV. If you change your account number, cancel your account or change Internet Service Provider (ISP), the content will no longer be available. If for any reason you need a replacement Fetch TV box the content will still be available to download to watch as long as your account number doesn’t change.

    And here’s one from our Legal Team ….All content that you purchase (movies, TV shows, images, artwork and other copyrightable material) is licensed by Fetch TV or its affiliates from Content Providers. The Content you receive through Fetch TV, including the copyrights in the Content, are owned by the Content Providers and/or their licensors, and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. Fetch TV, Content Providers and Content Providers’ licensors do not transfer any title, right or interest to or in the Content to you. 

    The License is not transferable by you or to anyone else and is always subject to your compliance with the above terms and conditions
  15. Can I access the Movies & TV shows I purchased in another country? 

    Purchased content through the Fetch TV Movie and TV Store is only available to Fetch TV customers within Australia using you current Fetch TV subscription or account.

  16. Can I watch purchased TV shows and Movies on my mobile or tablet? 

    You can watch any TV shows or movies that you buy on your Fetch TV box on a mobile device connected to your Fetch TV box from anywhere in Australia providing you have a working internet connection. You can use your WiFi at home or 3G/4G network when you’re out and about. Remember access over 3G/4G will use your mobile data.

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