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Netflix FAQs
How to watch

  1. How does Netflix work? 

    For one low monthly subscription fee, Netflix instantly streams movies and TV shows to most internet-connected devices like the Gen 2 Fetch TV Box. Once you sign up, you can watch immediately.

  2. How fast does my Internet connection need to be to watch Netflix? 

    The minimum recommended broadband connection speed is 1.5 Mbps for uninterrupted basic-quality video. For a viewing experience that is similar to DVD quality, a speed of 3 Mbps is preferable. To watch in HD quality, 5 Mbps is recommended.

  3. How do I get Netflix on my mobile device? 

    First, download the Netflix application from your device’s app store. Then launch the app to login and begin watching your TV episodes and movies.

  4. Can I download and save shows to watch later? 

    No. Netflix is a streaming service, meaning the shows are delivered instantly over the Internet to your device.

  5. Can I watch on a plane? 

    Netflix is a streaming service so you will need to check with the airline to see if they have WiFi on your flight and if so, whether that WiFi supports Netflix streaming while in-flight.

  6. How can I control what my children can see within the Netflix app? 

    The Netflix app on the Fetch TV STB has a default parental rating of R18+ as the Netflix catalogue contains content with varying ratings up to R18+.

    If the parental control level you have set on your FetchTV Box is lower than R18+ (eg. MA or G) you will be required to enter a PIN each time you launch the Netflix app.  If you do not want to have to enter a PIN each time you go into Netflix you will need to set your Fetch TV Parental Control levels to include RA18+.  You can do this via the Main Menu - Manage>Settings>Parental Controls.

    Within Netflix you can control access to certain maturity levels of content, across all Profiles via a PIN. 

    By going into Your Account (www.netflix.com/youraccount) >Settings>Parental Controls you can set a PIN and content can be universally set to one of 4 maturity levels:

    • Little Kids - Watch movies and TV shows suitable for all ages.

    • Older Kids - Watch movies and TV shows suitable for older kids.

    • Teens - Watch movies and TV shows suitable for teens and older.

    • Adults - Watch all movies and TV shows, including mature content.

    Once a maturity level is chosen, a PIN will be required to play any content, in any profile, considered higher than that maturity level.

  7. I am already an overseas Netflix customer, what does the launch in Australia mean to me? 

    If you already have a Netflix account for an overseas version of the service, you will be able to use the account via the Gen 2 Fetch TV Box or other devices, but the content available to you will be the Australian Netflix content.

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